Wall Upholstery The Technique

Wall upholstery is a finish intended to make a room feel beautiful, comfortable and acoustically sound. Unlike wall panels made off site, our technique is created on-site and custom to the room itself making our team easily accessible to travel anywhere in the world to complete your upholstered wall or room.  Do you have a room you would like to see finished in fabric? We have completed work in the following rooms: bedrooms, living and rumpus rooms, libraries, residential studies, home cinemas, hotels and lobbies. Our team has completed on-site work all over Australia and beyond including jobs in New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. We work with a wide variety of fabric including velvet, linen, wool and cotton.  Plain, striped and patterned.  The fabric is applied to a wall, room or space creating a smooth fluidity and tailored look.  We use two techniques which result in two different styles, traditional or modern.

Traditional Wall Upholstery

Wall upholstery starts by creating a frame around the perimeter of walls, windows, doors, bulk heads, columns and around any electrical fittings.  The walls are then covered with a padding in between the frame.  The padding creates a soft to the touch feel and keeps the walls from looking visually flat as well as making the room acoustically sound.  The fabric is then cut and sewn together to create one uniform piece, fabrics with patterns or stripes are carefully matched and stitched to create a visual impact.  The fabric is then stretched across the padded walls and stapled to the very edges of the frame.  We then finish the stapled edge with a decorative braid or double piping, the double piping can be made on request with the same fabric as the upholstered wall fabric. 

Modern Wall Upholstery

Similar to traditional wall upholstery, we begin with creating a frame around the perimeter of the walls by using a special clean edge system. The clean edge system prevents the need to use staples in which no additional braid or double piping is needed.  Instead the fabric is stretched across the padded walls and fixed into the open system which when closed holds the fabric taught in place.  You can also use the modern wall upholstery technique to create a decorative panelled effect, this can be used behind a bed or on a feature wall. 

Wall Upholstery Recovery

Do you have a room already upholstered but would like a change of fabric? Our team can carefully dismantle the previous wall upholstery maintaining the original frame where possible.  We advise to have the old fabric taken off by someone with experience, as the previous preparation work can most likely be re-used.